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Annual Statement Publication ...
    By law, current year Annual Statements must be published in two issues of one Nevada newspaper during each calendar year.

    Our fee for publishing one company's Annual Statement in two issues of our newspaper is $40.00.

    Our Annual Statement publication fee includes ...

      a review of your Annual Statement for accuracy and compliance

      all typesetting & set-up charges

      the publication of your Annual Statement in two issues of our newspaper

      a hard copy Certification of Publication along with a copy of the legal notice
      as it appeared in the newspaper returned to you for your records.

      permanent secure on-site and off-site record archiving

    On the second day of publication, a Certification of Publication along with a copy of the legal notice
    as it appeared in the newspaper is mailed out, by first class mail, to the "contact name" at the "contact address" listed on the order.

    Click here to view Annual Statement publication dates

    To have your current year Annual Statement published ...

    click here for an on-line debit/credit card form (individual or multiple entities)

    CONCERNING MAIL-IN ORDERS ... We give up! ...

    Due to the ineptitude and incompetence of the United States Postal Service we find that we can no longer rely on the U.S.P.S. to deliver mail accurately, correctly, efficiently, ... or even at all.

    We, therefore, now only accept orders on-line (electronically).

    An Annual Statement must be published in two issues of a Nevada newspaper before the end of March each calendar year.

    Neglecting or refusing to publish a statement as required by this statute makes you liable to a penalty of $100 for each month that the statement remains unpublished. (Nevada Revised Statute 80.190)

    Companies that neglect or refuse to publish a statement as required lose their qualification to conduct business in Nevada.

    The statement must include:
    (a) The name of the company.
    (b) The name and title of an officer of the company who is submitting the statement.
    (c) The mailing or street address of the company's principal office.
    (d) The street address of the registered agent.

    All qualified foreign corporations must publish. All foreign corporations qualified to do business in Nevada, whether or not they are actually doing business within the State of Nevada, must publish an annual statement as provided in NRS 80.190. AGO 16 (3-4-1959)

    Compliance required for qualification to do business. As used in NRS 80.110, relating to list of officers to be filed by qualified foreign corporations with secretary of state, and NRS 80.190, relating to publication by qualified foreign corporations of an annual statement, the phrase "doing business in this state" means "in order to be qualified to do business in this state." AGO 16 (3-4-1959)

    The street address of the registered agent is the registered office of the corporation in this State. (Nevada Revised Statute 78.090) - Please see Nevada addresses for more information.

    Limited liability companies, limited partnerships, or limited liability partnerships appear to be considered as "forms" or "types" of corporations. - Please see corptype.htm for more information.

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